Negreanu to TDA in vlog: It’s not about the rule

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DanielNegreanuIn his latest video blog Daniel Negreanu once again criticized the Tournament Directors Association (TDA) and their implementation of the “First Card Off the Deck” rule. While many players have said their peace about the rule, for Negreanu the issue runs deeper than when a player’s hand will be declared dead in a poker tournament.

Daniel’s comments are his first since his EPT Barcelona dust-up regarding this rule, and while you may feel he is beating a dead horse, his new comments are directed at the TDA and how his perspective differs from the current TDA brass.

Daniel likens the current shift towards stricter rules as a prison guards vs. prisoners mentality. His point of view is that the TDA is turning into an overbearing parent that is not letting the players solve the smaller problems that arise during poker games.

Daniel’s perspective (at least my take on it) is that there needs to be a mulligan for virtually all of these non-essential rules, and the first time a rule is broken players are given the benefit of the doubt regarding their intentions. You can watch the video blog below to see all of Daniel’s comments:

This is precisely what I have been saying all along during this debate. It’s not about the “First Card Off the Deck” rule, the problem is the precedence it sets. Poker players have always done a fairly good job of policing the game they are playing in, and dealers shouldn’t be unnecessarily enforcing inconsequential breaches of very minor poker rules, anymore than a police officer should ticket every jaywalker.

Additionally, the floor simply doesn’t need to be called for every little problem that arises. Negreanu uses the perfect example in his video blog to demonstrate this; using the example of a player who didn’t notice a reraise and only calls the initial raise, and then when he is informed that there was a 3-bet wants to fold. Let the players at the table decide what his intentions are, and if the player genuinely didn’t see the 3-bet, and he doesn’t have a history, just let him fold his cards.

While some people are unhappy with the FCOTD rule in and of itself, I am completely fine with it: Sit down and play poker, when you have a chance get up. The real debate, the debate that Negreanu is involved in, and that I 100% agree with, is that the TDA is becoming (unintentionally) more of a micromanaging boss than an arbiter.


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