New Festival Record set by Youness Barakat on Day 2 of the Cash G

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Youness Barakat has become a legend in the Cash Game Festival Bulgaria at Platinum Casino in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria. This Italian was born in Bulgaria and now calls London home. He is the first to win the first three of four feature tables at any Cash Game Festival. This is one amazing experience as Barakat is new on the scene after he came to Sunny Beach to attend his first Cash Game Festival. 

It started with a win on the €1/€3 no-limit hold’em feature table after he won €996. This was just the beginning and he came back to prove that hold’em was not the only game that he can be good at. He also dominated in the €2/€2 pot-limit Omaha feature table on Thursday where he walked away with €128. He went ahead to set the record on the Day 2 feature table after he won €931 at the €5/€5 no limit hold’em feature table. This excited Barakat after he realized that he had set a new record at his first Cash Game Festival. He said that it is gratifying to win one feature table but when you win three it makes it more satisfying. He was pleased with his performance and said that he would love it if he won more of the feature tournaments.

Barakat did not know about the Cash Game Festival; he learnt about it at his last stop at Aspers casino in July and was amazed about it. He learnt about the next stop which was to be in Bulgaria and knew that he had to attend since Bulgaria was once a place he called home. 

To this intriguing Day 2 a lot of people enjoyed the organized activities away from the felt in Sunny Beach. These activities were both beach sports early in the day and the first of two parties at night. These were some of the highlights of the tournament away from the tables. 

Even though Barakat was not able to attend the parties, he said that he was pleased by the people he met during the beach sports activity. This was a deserved break from the tables and the exercise came in handy. The organizers of these events are professionals and they are experts in coming up with such amazing events for poker players. 

Barakat has high regard for the tournament and says that he would recommend it to poker players across the world. This is a festival that one will enjoy even when they do not make it as winners. 

The casino has dozens of other players at the tables and when you walked in at the casino you would feel the excitement and buzz. 32Red which is one of the best online casinos in the industry is a partner to the Cash Game Festival. They hosted five freerolls for viewers of the stream. There are more plans later in the event to make the festival exciting thanks to other partners on-board like Unibet. 

The Cash Game Festival Bulgaria has a lot more action planned to happen. We believe that there will be more wins from the festival and hope that more talents will be realized from the amazing experience at the festival. You can stream this action from an online platform like 32Red and you might get rewards coming your way for being loyal to the poker platforms and taking part in the Cash Game Festival. 

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