New source claims Full Tilt Poker sale on the horizon

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fulltiltpoker is the latest outlet to claim that the Full Tilt Poker deal to Groupe Bernard Tapie is slated to happen soon. According to the Insider’s Section of the popular poker website (which resides behind a paywall) unnamed sources have told Wicked Chops that Groupe Bernard Tapie is going ahead with its plans to reopen Full Tilt Poker by the end of the month.

However, as with all news on the Full Tilt Poker front there were plenty of caveats. For instance the article’s sources are conspicuously silent regarding the repayment of US players, and say that one major hurdle still remaining is that Full Tilt Poker is currently lacking an online poker license.

Full Tilt Poker has gone from the darling of the online poker world to one of the most hated entities in the poker world since Black Friday. After having their AGCC license suspended and later pulled last June, the poker world has rested all of its hopes on receiving the $300 million or so that Full Tilt poker owes the players on a deal with Groupe Bernard Tapie.

The good news is that Wicked Chops Poker has been historically cynical when it comes to the potential sale, and has generally run articles citing why the sale will not take place. So hopefully the site’s about-face is a very good sign, considering the “Entities” at Wicked Chops don’t seem they would just take a GBT representative at his word.

Despite the number of reputable outlets running articles regarding an imminent sale (Wicked Chops, Gaming Intelligence, and eGaming Review to name the three largest) players are still extremely skeptical about the sale, and one of the most outspoken players in the game, Daniel Negreanu, recently stated in an interview with that “The players are not getting paid. It’s over. It’s gone. Forget it. I’m telling you now. Tapie ain’t paying nobody. This deal is falling through. You lost your money. It’s just not gonna happen.”

Negreanu isn’t the only poker pro who has been outspoken in recent weeks: Tournament Pro Matt Glantz posted a series of blogs just a few weeks back, where he claimed people close to the site told him a sale was unlikely to happen –something that Wicked Chops had also been reporting.

According to the recent reports it appears that if the sale does go through that Groupe Bernard Tapie has secured an investment group to repay European poker players (which would be Full Tilt Poker’s potential customers) however, all of the outlets have simply left the repayment of US players as an issue for the Department of Justice.

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One Response to “New source claims Full Tilt Poker sale on the horizon”

  1. angelo says:

    iv been saying thisa from the beginning why so many people talk about repaying us european are most important without the americans this would have never happened it all started there they where playing on credit!!!!!!!!!e u want payed back ahahahah this publisher is prob himself an american player looool

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