NoahSD and Vanessa Selbst interview Dan Cates

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As the one person in the whole sage that seemed to have been forthright –although the questions posed to him have been lacking in both depth and scope—Daniel “jungleman12” Cates agreed to do an audio interview with Noah Stephens-Davidowitz (NoahSD on 2+2) and Vanessa Selbst, where he intended to set the record straight regarding what he knows and his role in the Jose “Girah” Macedo scandal.

The interview ended up being done in two-parts, over two days, because after the initial interview, Cates’ publicist contacted NoahSD to inform him that Cates had lied during the interview and wanted to clear it up! So, even before the interview was available many in the poker community started to have a different opinion on Cates’ involvement, and also the trustworthiness of the rest of his answers.

After listening to the first portion of the audio interview (I think it’s important that you hear the audio and not simply read the transcript in this case as there are a lot of pauses and such) I truly felt that Cates was just a naïve young millionaire; great at poker and not so great in other areas of his life. However, after listening to Part 2 a new version of Cates was revealed. Cates has a hard time distinguishing between right and wrong –saying so in the interview, as he digressed into a long rant about what a lie is; when it’s ok to lie; why certain lies aren’t lies—and has an “ends justify the means” mentality on these things.

One such example is when he tries to explain why multi-accounting isn’t always cheating, because it’s not always done for a strategic advantage. What he is forgetting is that even though I might not be collecting people’s personal data –phone numbers, Social Security numbers, and so on—for nefarious reasons, there is a reason why these doing this is illegal! Just because you have no malicious intent does not make something ok.

Here is a response from Cates on 2+2 addressing some of the blowback he has received from the interview:

“And so we see that this does not satisfy you, 0 lies in 2nd interview and you STILL suggest I’m lieing, even though logically that makes little sense when I tell the interviewees things that could not possibly be figured out had I not said them. I’m really frustrated… After all seems like I should say nothing? For FAQ I will answer 20 questions and then quit responding to this topic althogether, and quit doing interviews. I might have done more but this once again affirms that you will not believe me no matter what I say”

What he does not understand is that he has lied and admitted to lying, but seemingly thinks everyone should now just assume he is being completely truthful because he revealed a little bit of dirt about himself; eventually he did, after first lying and then being pressed on the matter.

I’m not going to conjecture as to what Cates may be lying about or his motivations for lying, I’ll let you draw your own conclusions after listening to the interviews.

You can listen to the audio interviews at

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