Online Poker to Live Poker means Improving your game

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Poker players across the US have suddenly been put into the position of transitioning over to the live poker arena whether they want to or not.  Gone are the days of being able to 10 table cash games or grind Sunday tournaments to turn a profit.  Now, the live grind is the only option.  Poker players of all skill levels will also be faced with another harsh reality.  They must learn to play better.

I am not saying that you do not need to work on improving your game online, but there are many players that could make a reasonable living or a reasonable profit online without having to be very advanced in their play.  Multi-tabling allowed poker players the ability to limit variance and earn out a reasonable profit over a combined sum of tables.  Live players are not allowed this luxury.  You have to play one table at a time, and in some casinos, that may be the only game going or you may have a long wait to switch to a different game.

Also, poker players online had the advantage of being able to use tools such as poker tracker to improve their games.  Kiss that goodbye.  At best, you can take notes of your play at the table.  However, even the best note taker cannot replace the tools that online players had.

Next, a life saver for many online players was rakeback.  For some, rakeback was added profit on top of competent play.  For other, the rakeback was the only way they made money.  There are many players called rakeback grinders that were break even at best and rakeback was how they profited from poker.  Rakeback does not exist in live poker.  This will all but kill many former online players chances from profiting at poker.

Finally, there are many forms of cheating and collusion that players got away with online that you will not be able to do live.  You can’t stall every single hand near the bubble in a live tournament.  You will get penalized or even disqualified.  Players cannot have other ghost them while they play, nor will they be able to chat with them during hands to get advice.  Group play is not allowed in live poker.

Players that transition over to the live game will have to become better poker players.  Online players have learned to use technology and also how to work the system to help them become and stay profitable at the game.  That isn’t the case in the live game.  You must improve your game should you hope to stay afloat.

If you are already a truly winning player based on your play, this means learning how to translate the skills you learned online and improve your toolset to take advantage of the live game.  For those that were nothing but break even players and rakeback grinders, this means you must actually learn how to play the game.  You will need to actually tool up and work your way from the small limits and work your way up.

Many online poker players will be able to make the transition successfully to the live game.  Others will come to realize the harsh truth that they don’t actually have the game to make it in live poker.

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