Online preregistration available for all WSOP events

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wsop las vegasThe World Series of Poker has just entered the year 2003, I mean 2013… allowing players to preregister for all 2013 WSOP tournaments online; a first for the WSOP. While this may seem like a fairly insignificant change, anyone who has had to endure a long registration line at the WSOP will likely be doing cartwheels over the WSOP’s decision. Registration lines aside, allowing players to preregister online (online registration cannot be done just before an event as it requires a player to submit their preregistration form at least two weeks before the event) brings the WSOP into the Internet age, and is a major step forward for poker in general.

Another way the online preregistration helps players is cutting down on the amount of money players need to travel with. While this is more of an issue for players flying in from overseas, even US residents will likely feel more at ease not having to carry $50,000 or $100,000 to Vegas. Foreign players have a horrid time coming through customs with boatloads of cash to play in WSOP tournaments; allowing online preregistration should drastically cut-down on the amount of money players have to travel with when heading to Las Vegas for the WSOP.

Online preregistration can be found at the following website: and the WSOP is currently accepting two forms of payment, Bank Wires and Cashier’s Checks, and you must have a Total Rewards Card and number in order to preregister on the website –of course you need a Total Rewards Card to register in person too.

One interesting aspect of the preregistration process is that official WSOP sponsors are allowed to register players for events. So PokerStars can go on the WSOP website and register Daniel Negreanu and Eugene Katchalov (and a slew of other Team PokerStars Pros) for events, but you cannot register the winner of your home game league for the WSOP Main Event.

The process seems incredibly simple, with players needing to fill out a basic online registration form, although some sensitive material is required including your Driver’s License or Passport information. From there you can just check off the events you want to play (tournaments with multiple starting days list each starting day) and then you must simply send your full payment at least two weeks prior to the first event you intend to play.

The first player to Tweet out the news was Allen Kessler, who seemed extremely happy with the change, saying, “Now you can now pre-register for all 2013 WSOP events online. Here’s the link:” on his @allenkessler Twitter account.


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