Phil Ivey returns to Full Tilt Poker

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A few weeks back Full Tilt Poker informed its former Red Pros along with the rest of the poker community that they would not renew or honor any of the contracts signed by the previous owners of Full Tilt Poker, effectively ending their relationship with all of the site’s past pros. In doing so they offered these players a one-time screen-name change that would be disseminated to the poker community –either to their original FTP screen-name, or for players who have always been sponsored pros, to a new title. We now know that at least one player has taken them up on this offer, Phil Ivey.

According to an e-mail sent to Full Tilt Poker players, Phil Ivey now goes by the name “Polarized” on Full Tilt, and according to the tracking site Mr. Ivey has been fairly active at the Full Tilt tables this week, having a homecoming of sorts to the site where he made tens of millions of dollars both as an owner and as a player at the tables.

Ivey, who is the all-time winningest player in online poker history over the past half-decade or so (again using the data provided by, with around $20 million in online poker winnings alone in that time-frame. According to, Ivey has profited $114,000 since his return to the virtual tables of Full Tilt Poker.

Over the years Ivey has managed to stay fairly anonymous at the online poker tables with the obvious exception of Full Tilt Poker where he played under his own name as one of the sites premiere sponsored pros. Despite a contract that forbade him from playing at other sites many people in the poker community have linked Ivey to the PokerStars screen-name “RaiseOnce” in the past, and it’s highly likely Ivey has been playing at other sites as well, especially after Full Tilt went offline in 2011.

Now that his new identity has been revealed, it will be interesting to see how the former Full Tilt Poker owner is treated by FTP players, who were unable to access their funds for over a year. While Ivey has been given a pass at tournaments he has attended this may not be the case when he is dealing with the very people that were directly affected by his company’s negligence, and some have bought into the Howard Lederer assertion that Ivey’s involvement post-Black Friday was detrimental and made getting a deal done all the more difficult –a minority opinion to say the least.

Unlike the other big winners in online poker-s nosebleed games, Phil Ivey didn’t put in the same volume of hands, instead he has preferred to play just a few tables, and stayed away from the mass-multi-tabling that many high-stakes pros take part in.


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