PKR Poker launches the Poker Wiki

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On Monday the world’s #1 3-D poker room, PKR Poker, announced the creation of the Poker Wiki. The Poker Wiki is a Wikipedia-like website strictly for poker (longtime Internet users will likely bed familiar with other Wiki’s out there like the Star Wars wiki, Wookiepedia) that will rely on users to supply entries on all manner of poker related topics from Player Bios to Books, and from tournament results to information on poker scandals at different poker sites.

In a press release from Reuters, PKR Poker described the Poker Wiki in the following way:

“PKR has today announced the launch of The Poker Wiki (, a free online poker encyclopedia that will provide access to a wide range of poker content that has been contributed by poker players from around the world.

“Users of The Poker Wiki can access all content for free, and in true wiki fashion can also submit edits and updates as well as adding their own articles. Poker players may write biographies of their poker careers to date, bloggers can provide articles about their websites, casinos can add details of their cardrooms and tournament schedules and live tournament organisers can provide information on their events, including results and reviews.

“Although initially funded by PKR, The Poker Wiki has been developed as a standalone project. PKR Media Manager Dan Grant explains: “PKR has worked with a team of writers to get The Poker Wiki up and running, but from nowon our involvement will be very hands-off. The Poker Wiki’s future is now in the hands of the poker community who we hope will pick up the baton and contribute content to help create the world’s foremost repository for all things related to poker.”

On the Homepage of the Poker Wiki visitors will currently find the bio of poker legend Doyle Brunson as well as an article on the 2012 World Series of Poker schedule. Other topics recently added to the Poker Wiki (highlighting the diverse number of topics that will eventually be covered by the website) are:

* Adjusting to Strong and Weak Opponents

* PKR Heads Up Grand Slam

* The best poker players in the world

* Poker dice

* Ante

* Tom ‘durrrr’ Dwan

* Table Image

* Full Tilt Poker

* Dario Minieri

* PokerStars

For anyone interested in contributing to the Poker Wiki you can upload your own article (or add to, or update, current submissions) after reading through the User Guide. As the site itself states, “The Poker Wiki – the online poker encyclopedia created by players, for players… you can be a part of poker history today by uploading an article of your own. Our aim is to become the number one poker info site on the web, by allowing players everywhere to share their knowledge of the game with the world. Just check out our User Guide to get started.”

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