PNB Poker Awards 2009

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Now that 2009 has come to an end, PokerNewsBoy has compiled it first annual PNB Poker Awards. As this is it’s first year we are only having a few categories that we hope to add to in the near future. These Awards have been compiled with the help of Poker Rankings is still to officially launch but watch this space as it will become one of the biggest poker listings websites that will be available online.

So back to the PNB Poker Awards 2009. As was said this is only a small list. However, next year once PNB has been established for over a year the PNB Poker Awards should contain far more awards and stats. The awards that we are giving out this year is Best Online Poker Site, Best Poker Bonus, Worlds Best Poker Player and Best Online Poker Player .

It is also important to remember this is the Official PNB Poker Awards and only representing stats from 2009. It also is an independent award only associated with PokerNewsBoy and PokerRankings.

So now for the winners.

Best Online Poker Site

1. Full Tilt Poker

This year it seemed to be the year that Full Tilt over took Pokerstars. Not on traffic performance, but on action. All the best action seemed to be happening over at Full Tilt this year, especially with the inclusion of Isildur1 to the scene. Full Tilt also improved it’s software this year and selection in tournaments. Full Tilt seems to be where the hard core poker player seems to choose, where as Full Tilts bitter rivals, PokerStars, seems to be the home of the passive poker player.

Click here and use Full Tilt referral code: PNB to get upto $600 bonus and start playing at the best Poker Site of the Year.

2. Carbon Poker

Carbon Poker is no.2 on the list. This is because of the amazing promotions and satellites that Carbon Poker have run this year. To be honest the main reason is because PNB’s Gerry Poltorak swears by it, as it seems to be where he keeps making all his money. So the next reason is because Carbon Poker must be the softest site to play on. It also has a fantastic Poker Bonus for its players, like the 30% rakeback for any player signing up through PNB.

Download Carbon Poker and by clicking here and use Carbon Poker Bonus code: PNB500 to get 100% bonus upto $600 and 30% rakeback.

3. Everest Poker

Everest Poker pick up the last spot in our best poker site of the year. This is mainly due to the fact that Everest Poker have quickly become the leading poker for European poker players to play at. This is because of the mass amount of qualifiers that Everest Poker run to European Poker events. Then we have the inclusion of Antione Saout representing Everest Poker at this Years WSOP. In my oppinion the best player to feature at this years WSOP.

If your from Europe and are looking to play at probably the best Poker site for European poker players, click here to download and use Everest Poker Bonus code: PNB300 to get $300 FREE.

Best Poker Bonus

1.  Carbon Poker

Carbon Poker win Best Poker Bonus for 2009. This is due to the fact that not only do you get a great deposit bonus of 100% upto $600, but Carbon Poker players who sign up through PNB and use Carbon Poker Bonus Code: PNB500 will also get a massive 30% rakeback.

If signing up to Carbon Poker through PNB to get the 30% rakeback, make sure you delete your cookies before clicking this link so you can get tracked to PNB.

2.  Everest Poker

Everest Poker come in a close 2nd in our best poker bonus category. Everest Poker are offering an amazing Poker Bonus of $300 free when ever you deposit. All you have to do is deposit $30 or more and use Everest Poker Bonus: PNB300 to be eligable for the $300 deposit bonus.

To play at Everest Poker and get $300 FREE, click here and download Everest Poker then use Everest Poker Bonus code: PNB300.

3. Gloss Poker

Gloss Poker pick up the last spot in this years Best Poker Bonus awards. And the only reason that Gloss Pokers Bonus isn’t no.1 is because it is still a fairly unknown poker site. Sign up to Gloss Poker through PNB and you will get a 100% upto $5000 deposit bonus and a monster 40% Rakeback. I have yet to see any poker site beat this offer.

To get Gloss Poker’s maximan Poker Bonus, click this link and use bonus code: GLOSS100.

Worlds Best Poker Player

1st. Phil Ivey

Phil Ivey has had an unbelievable year even for Iveys high standards. Winning another 2 WSOP bracelets and final tabling anothet 2 tournaments, one of which was the infamous WSOP Main Event. Taking that into consideration plus the fact that Ivey is up near $7 million from online cash tables winnings, Ivey was the easiest to choose from out of all the positions.

2nd. Daniel Negreanu

Although Daniel never had any significant wins this year, consistency was what got Negreanu to number 2 on our list. Cashing in no less than 9 events at the WSOP plus his other many cashes in other tournaments, Daniel Negreanu is this years second best poker player for 2009.

3rd. Jeff Lisandro

This was the year Jeff Lisandro put his mark on the Poker World with his record breaking 3 WSOP bracelets. It was a close decision between Lisandro and Negreanu for the number 2 spot. However, the fact that Lisandro’s main results came in other forms of poker, rather than Limit Holdem, we gave it to Daniel. However, that doesn’t take away the fact that Lisandro destroyed all other forms of poker this year.

Todays top pokerstars play mostly at Full Tilt Poker these days. So to play with the best poker players in the world download Full Tilt Poker.

Best Online Poker Player

1st. Phil Ivey

Although Phil Ivey is mostly known for his live tournament results and TV tournaments, Ivey is also the best online poker player in the world. There is no player as feared at the High Stakes cash tables than Ivey is. For this reason Ivey wins the award for best Online Poker Player.

2nd. Chris Moorman

Still waiting on his big result to come from a live tournament, Chris Moorman’s (Moorman1) online tournament results are second to none. For the last 4 to 5 years now Moorman1 has been dominating the Online Tournament scene. Winning most if not all the biggest online tournaments that are their to win. No player has a record like Moormans. All he needs to do now is win a live event and the fame will surely follow.

3rd. Patrik Antonius

Patrik Antonius has been playing at the nose bleed stakes on Full Tilt Poker now for what seem forever in the poker world. And more importantly winning at those stakes consistently. This year alone Patrik Antonius has made history by winning the largest ever amount in one hand online.

Chris Moorman this year got signed up as one of Doyles Elite10. So why not try your arm out again Moorman at Doyles Room by clicking here.

Play Online Poker
Play Online Poker

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