Poker Legend Gus Hansen Claims 2008 Book Responsible For Career D

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 Gus ‘Great Dane’ Hansen will go down as one of the greatest poker players to have played the game, even though he has not made any waves in recent times. The Danish poker pro had taken a break from poker but is slowly making his return to the poker tables he once dominated.

Hansen, the winner of three World Poker Tour (WPT) tournaments, is known for his aggressive and loose play style. This style of playing paved the way to Hansen winning a World Series of Poker bracelet as well as a second place finish at the 2008 WPT World Championship. To date Hansen ranks number two on Denmark’s all-time money list, with prize money won totaling over $10 million.

Every Hand Revealed Gave Away His Strategy & Mindset

The poker pro had a very successful poker career and released his book “Every Hand Revealed” was published in 2008. From this point onwards, Hansen began to show a decline in his winnings. The Denmark native claims that players began to pick up on his thought processes and that he did not do a good job in adjusting his play style.  According to Hansen, the biggest effect of the book was that even the weakest players never truly believed that he had a good hand and would apply pressure on him continuously.

After the book was published, Hansen’s poker career began a tilt which would last several years.  There are reports that between 2012 to 2014, Hansen garnered major losses on Full Tilt Poker. According to Hansen, his losses during this time reached more than $17 million, making his all-time online losses surpass more than $20 million. This downward spiral at Full Tilt is also attributed to the fact that a number of online poker players with advanced skills started playing during this time and made it difficult for Hansen to come out on top.

Hansen Plans To Make Return To Poker In 2018

The poker legend states that the good players who were good before have gotten better and more importantly the bad players have gotten better too. Hansen claims that back when he started there were a lot of bad players.

In an interview with, Hansen states that he left the poker tournament scene during the last five years and when he did play a few games every now and then, he felt that he played quite decently. Hansen also claims that he is getting back into a rhythm again and that he wants to play more poker in 2018.

The Danish pro recently made an appearance at the WPT Five Diamond World Poker Classic which took place at the Bellagio earlier this month. While he did not finish in the money, something he hasn’t done since 2014, Hansen is confident that he has made enough significant changes to his game to once again have a major impact on the global poker circuit. Hansen will find that things have become a lot tougher at the felt during the last five years but he is open to the challenge in 2018.  

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