Posted by Gerry Poltorak on Jan 16, 2010 Posted in Poker News | No Comments » has completely revamped their website, which has made them one of the top online poker portals on the Internet: If you’re looking for information on poker you’ll find it at Visitors to the site will find it hard to not bookmark, since it offers one-stop shopping for everything poker, from deposit bonuses and rakeback deals, to poker strategy and breaking news, and even poker player profiles and image galleries.

The site has recently gone through a complete redesign and expansion project that has taken to the next level, where it can compete among the top online poker portals in the business. In depth reviews, online poker site rankings, and even strategy videos are just a taste of what you’ll find here. Just check out the in depth review.

The main difference between and the other dime-a-dozen poker portals on the Internet is the “Top-Lists” categories, where poker players can see how particular sites rank amongst each other in a number of different categories.

This feature, in addition to their in depth reviews and exclusive sign-up bonuses and rakeback offers, clearly shows how goes the extra mile and gives its customers the most in-depth information concerning the specifics of each poker-room. The “Top-List” categories encompass everything a poker player could possibly ask for including: Best US Poker Sites, Best UK Poker Sites, Best Mac Poker Sites, Best 7-Card-Stud Poker Sites, and Best Badugi Poker Sites to name just a few.

For instance, if you are a Sit & Go tournament player, site will not just tell you where you can find S&G tournaments; they’ll tell you that Bodog is the best S&G site in all of online poker! At they do the research, so you don’t have to. Did you know that Bodog has 12 minute levels instead of the usual 10 minute levels? Did you know that a large percentage of Bodog’s poker-room traffic comes from their sports-book? It’s this research that makes so valuable to online poker players.

Whatever your location in the world, or your poker game of choice happens to be, you would be making a critical mistake signing up at an online poker site without first consulting the relevant categories on It’s these decisions that can be the difference between winning and losing.

Poker players will also find a wealth of strategic information, from the basic rules of poker, to advanced concepts and strategies that are typically kept under lock and seal as trade secrets of the poker pros. Even more astounding is that you will find these strategies in both written form, and in a video format. That’s right, this poker site online has video tutorials just like the online poker training sites that charge huge monthly fees, only at these videos are free! will also give you access to one of the largest collections of poker news, player profiles, and other forms of poker media: As I said in the first sentence, if you are looking for something poker-related don’t waste your time visiting 20 different poker sites, just stop by and bookmark this online poker site for future use!

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