Pokerspace Team Poker Contest Still Battling Strong

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Now that the Pokerspace Crew Cup 5: Owning Vegas competition is nearly half over the action is getting more aggressive and very competitive. The poker trip of a lifetime to Las Vegas is on the line and the poker teams are definitely not giving up because they can feel the soft felt of the Vegas poker tables and the dry smell of the desert sand and all it takes is winning the Crew Cup 5.

The holiday season in December was filled with domination from crews that began with the POKERYALL captained The Next Big Thing topping the Finals Qualifier with 3 teammates reaching the final table which no other crew was able to do. This marked The Next Big Thing’s 3rd Qualifier win tying the INTIMIDATORS for the most Qualifier wins. Most importantly they blocked any new crews from reaching the Finals.

The next week, which happened to be the day after Christmas brought a very tightly fought match for the one Qualifying spot as only 9 points separated 1st from 5th place. Once again captain iceman1967 led his crew the INTIMIDATORS to their 4th, count it, 4th Qualifier win. The INTIMIDATORS run only intensified the next week with yet another Qualifier win nearly completing the clean sweep with players coming in 1st (goodtrysucka), 5th (mainervill65), 6th (inceman1967). Definitely one of the strongest crew finishes this year for their 5th Qualifier win and blocking a new crew from reaching the Finals once again.

The January 9th Qualifier let 2 crews into the Finals including the Crew Cup 4 defending champs MnM’s who snagged top spot. It was one of the closest Crew Cup matches this season as a new crew, WickedByotches came in 2nd and earned themselves entry into the Finals as well. The Next Big Thing nearly blocked a new qualifier by coming in a respectful 3rd.

The 14th Qualifier on January 16th was a complete turnaround as the new crew Out for Blood managed their own near clean sweep with 3 teammates reaching the final table in a very strong showing that dominated the 2nd place crew, BLIND SIDED. With that finish there are officially 13 different crews already in the Finals looking to win a poker trip to Las Vegas and you can only do it as a team with and the Crew Cup5: Owning Vegas tournament series.

The Pokerspace Crew Cup is a team based online poker tournament series that pits teams of 3-6 players against one another on and Absolute Poker all for a chance to win a fabulous 5-night poker trip to Las Vegas. To learn more about how players can win a trip to Vegas with their friends be sure to stop by Pokerspace to find out.

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