PokerStars Full Tilt announcement expected today

Posted by Steve Ruddock on Jul 30, 2012 Posted in Poker News | 1 Comment »

PokerStars versus Full TiltUS players at Full Tilt Poker have not had access to their accounts since April 15, 2011. Players from around the globe have not had access to their Full Tilt Poker accounts since June 29, 2011. All of that could change in the very near future if the rumors swirling around social media sites and across the Internet are correct. PokerStars is expected to make a much-anticipated announcement sometime on Monday proclaiming that their purchase of Full Tilt Poker is complete, an announcement that would end a nearly 16-month nightmare for poker players.

After stoking the hopes of players with May and June’s “done deal” gossip I’ve backed away from commenting/speculating on this story since then and have taken a more passive role covering the potential sale of FTP, but Friday’s rumors are simply too large to just ignore, and are coming from very credible sources.

The first hint of a major announcement came this past Friday when Wendeen Eolis posted the following at

“Without giving away the identity of a consistently impeccable resource, it is now safe to say announcements for public dissemination are in the works. At this point I am ready to go out on a limb; FTP customers will see their monies well in time for Christmas shopping.”

Eolis clarified her statements this morning saying, “Based on the facts as presented to me Friday morning, I was convinced the day had arrived when one could reliably assert that Full Tilt Poker players would regain control of their player balances at the site, in a finite time frame.”

Eolis was the first person to put her head on the chopping block Friday, but a cavalcade of other writers who have been following the trials and tribulations of Full Tilt Poker over the past year and change also chimed-in.

DiamondFlush tweeted:

“Long awaited news coming …next few days. No speculation, no rumors, real news.”

Jennifer Newell tweeted:

“A very reliable source just told me the Stars/FTP deal is done. If no announcement today, it will happen on Monday. Book it.”

“Update from same source: Announcement to be made on Monday, July 30.”

But for every bit of optimism there was also a heavy dose of pessimism about the deal being announced (or even a just a major announcement occurring) on Monday. One such party was which stated in its own article that while a major milestone was reached in the negotiations, the deal itself is not complete.

There is also the “Arms-Race” to break this story as it would mean hundreds of links and tens-of-thousands of hits for the website that scoops the story, and whether this is causing some outlets to jump the gun on an announcement.

At this time it’s very clear that one of the “hurdles” holding-up the deal was cleared, but what this actually means in terms of a time-frame for a deal are up for debate. So the good news is that we have conflicting reports stating that something very big occurred on Friday, the question is just how big this breakthrough really is, and whether or not the poker world will get its first official announcement from PokerStars?



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  1. rider phillips says:

    The whole article is bullshit-Get your facts confirmed before you write a crock of crap Ms Eolis

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