Potheads Still More Motivated than Online Poker Players

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Two weeks ago, I wrote an article entitled Let’s Recruit the Potheads to Save Online Poker.  I pointed out in that article that potheads outnumbered us 101,792 to around 7,000.   Now that a couple of weeks have passed, I thought I would check in and see how our petition is doing and see if our cause has picked up a significant number of supporters.

The Numbers Are Not Good for Poker Players

Two weeks ago, I listed seven pot related petitions that came up to the 101,792 signatures.  I revisited those same petitions and below are the new numbers:

Allow Veterans to Use Medical Marijuana to Treat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder  3,263

Give States the Freedom to Establish Own Marijuana Laws  10,673

End War On Drugs   15,461

Allow Industrial Hemp to Be Grown in US  17,077

Stop Interfering with Marijuana Legalization Efforts  14,383

Legalize, Regulate, and Tax Marijuana  16,516

Legalize and Regulate Marijuana the Same as Alcohol  54,305

Total for petitions = 131,678   Gain = 29,883

In addition, there are at least nine new petitions that total 30,506 new signatures since my last article.  That makes 60,389 new signatures to marijuana related issues in the last two weeks.

How does that compare to the online poker petition?

Protect Consumers, Create Jobs, and Generate Revenue by Licensing and Regulating Online Poker  8,127

Gain for online poker petition in two weeks = 579

Where Are the Poker Players?

As I asked two weeks ago, where are our voices?  Where are the people that regularly post on twitter that we need to legalize the game?  Where are those that complained that something needs to be done to stop companies like Full Tilt from screwing others in the future?

Are we lazier than potheads?  Many of us joke about how that pot users are unmotivated and cannot organize, yet they currently outnumber us 20 fold in regards to signing the online petition.  That makes us seem lazy and unorganized in all honesty.

For those of you that think that a signature isn’t going to make a difference, you are missing the bigger picture.  It takes a collective speaking out on something before issues are listened to in many cases.  We as poker players need to work as a collective if we hope to get Congress to listen to us.

With as many people in this country that play online poker, that petition should be closer to 25,000 or 30,000 than 8,000.  While that is still not as significant a number, is online poker really less of an issue than to you than growing industrial hemp?  Take the initiative and sign the petition and get your voice heard.  Encourage others to do so.  Take action.  If potheads can do it, you can too. If not it could be a long time before player will be able to Play Poker online for money in US again.


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