Rematch between Isildur1 and Brian Hastings results in another bi

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At the end of 2009, when Isildur1was on a massive downswing after torching the high-stakes tables on Full Tilt Poker for over $6 million in profit, it was Brian Hastings who delivered the Coup-De-Gras to the Swedish poker pro in the form of a $4 million win.

While the two have played sporadically since that fateful day they haven’t clashed in a long session since. That was until yesterday, when the two played a 2,776 session of PLO. The match started out on the $300/$600 tables, but the two soon found themselves playing $500/$1,000 blinds.

When all was said and done it was Hastings who once again walked away with a lion’s share of Isildur1’s money; this time around $1.5 million according to

Isildur1’s latest foray into the ultra-high-stakes online poker world is going much like his last one: He seems to win big on the No Limit Holdem tables, only to lose it all back playing high-stakes PLO. Unfortunately for Isildur1 his proficiency in NLHE makes it difficult for him to get a game, a la Di “URInDanger” Dang.


Isildur1 has just recently appeared at Full Tilt, and quickly had some poker fans stating he could be one of the best No Limit Holdem Heads Up players in the world currently. This was largely due to the fact that he took nearly $5 million of Durrrr, then believed to be one of the best, in the space of a 2 day marathon online session.

Isildur1 however lost most if not all his winnings from Durrrr over the next month. He then disappeared after Hastings and Townsend where proved to have been data-mining him, which resulted in Isildur1 lossing millions. Since then it has been widely accepted that Isildur1 is actually Viktor Blom. And most of the, Who is Isildur1? questions have stopped. This was also helped by the fact he never appeared on Full Tilt for a month.

However, this month (Febuary) Isildur1 returned to Full Tilt with a bang, again having million dollar swings at the cash tables.

Click HERE to watch Isildur1 on Full Tilt Poker

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