Summary of Day 2 at the PokerStars UKIPT Galway

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UKIPT GalwayDay 2 of the PokerStars UKIPT Galway has came to an end, and it has been a very interesting day. For starters we had the surprise addition of Football legend Teddy Sheringham turning up for day 2 after a mix up at the Airport the day before. Teddy ended up running his 10k starting stack for day 2 upto 60k before going out with Kings against Aces.

Then we had the lose of some of the top players including PokerStars Pro’s Jude Ainsworth and JP Kelly. Teddy Sheringham can also be added to the list of PokerStars Pro’s who have left us.

Then we had feature table. Even though their isn’t one. However, the table that had Padriag Parkinson, “Flipper” Walsh, and Bob Elkin at it seemed to be where all the action was happening. Padriag raising every hand and 3 and 4 betting people with very little made it interesting to watch. In the end up it became to much for Bob and Flipper as it seemed the only player to be left standing after a table that looked more like a war zone than a poker table was Padriag. And if any of you loose aggressive online players are reading this, Padriag is taking Loose aggressive poker to new levels. The poker he’s playing is Super Duper Loose Aggressive poker “SuDuLAG”.

So after a long day 2, we are now in the money, with Aidan Connolly being the unfortunate Bubble boy, and we finish the day with 36 players left and over night chip leaders being:

Matt Perrins – 430500
Reggie Corrigan – 373500
Padraig Parkinson – 372500
Christopher Brammer – 276000
Thomas Nolan – 272000

So now the remaining players will be look foward to day 3 and bee looking a little more confortable after knowing they are in the money.

The prize pool looks like this:

The payout structure is as follows:
1. €125,000
2. €82,000
3. €52,000
4. €36,000
5. €22,000
6. €17,000
7. €13,000
8. €11,000
9. €9000
10-12. €7000
13-15. €5000
16-18. €4200
19-24. €3400
25-30. €3100
31-36. €2800

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