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pokerstars logoOut of the 2,000 members that applied, PokerStars have finally announced the 23 candidates to become members of Team PokerStars Online.

On the 23rd December, PokerStars announced 23 hand-picked members representing over eighteen countries to headline the world’s largest online poker room.  The figure represents less than 1% of the total that applied; with a range of candidates representing a full spectrum of poker games and varieties.  The current lineup for the PokerStars Online Team includes twenty men and just three women.

Poker fans will be very familiar with some of the big names announced in the list.  Norwegian Anders “Donald” Berg, who represented his country in the World Cup of Poker and EPT, has been selected.  Germany’s online phenomenon Thomas Boekhoff, who goes by the alias Boku87, has also been selected.  The online poker spieler managed to turn $100 into $10,000 recently in order to win a prop bet.  He’s allegedly has similar plans to make $100,000 from next to nothing.

Steve Jacobs, included in the list, is perhaps best known for winning the $25,000 buy-in heads-up event at the 2008 PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker.  Grayson “spacegravy” Physioc is another member of Team PokeStars Online.  Grayson recently finished runner-up in the PokerStars $10,000 Guaranteed to earn a cool $11,000.

One of the few women to break into the PokerStars Team list, American Nichoel Peppe – who hails from Long Beach – has shown her skill and knowledge of MTT Strategy after coming 75th in the 2009 World Series of Poker Main Event.

Players at PokerStars will be able to watch any of the PokerStars Team by searching for their screen names below:

1. Andres Alisievicz — lobojiji
2. Jorge Arias — JorgeArias
3. Boumaaza Bachir — Chiren80
4. Anders Berg — Donald
5. Alvaro Blanco — VARICO
6. Thomas Boekhoff — Boku87
7. Diego Brunelli — vgreen22
8. André Coimbra — acoimbra
9. Mathew Didlick — chipstar1
10. Ta-Chih Geeng — socutiesf
11. Andrew Goetsch — Kid Nebraska
12. Martha Gonzalez — marene
13. Keiran Harris — K_Man2307
14. Steve Jacobs — stevesbets
15. Randy Lew — nanonoko
16. Karlo Lopez — elmagopr
17. Alexey Makarov — LuckyGump
18. Kristian Martin — CharismA3
19. Grzegorz Mikielewicz — DaWarsaw
20. Nichoel Peppe — NicP
21. Grayson Physioc — spacegravy
22. Sebastien Sabic — Seb86
23. Amanda Thomas — ROXY24

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