The PNB Poker Buzz for November 2, 2013

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Poker News BoyEvery Saturday brings you the latest gossip, debates, and disputes from the world of Poker Blogs, Forums, Editorials, and Social Media in what we are calling The Poker Buzz. So get your weekend started with the Buzz.

Howard Lederer turns 50, has his cake and eats it too

Judging by this post over at It appears that poker’s least favorite WSOP bracelet winner (I’d say Russ Hamilton is the most-hated) really likes cake, as at least five cakes were on display at Howard Lederer’s 50th birthday party.

Of course, the comments on the poker forums (PFA and 2+2) were nothing but positive, with former Full Tilt Poker players wishing Howard a happy birthday; complete with positive, uplifting messages like:

“F*cking scumbag. I should of punched him when I saw him in the parking lot at Commerce some years ago. He wouldn’t be 50 today. Would of saved a lot of people some $$$.”

“Howard looks really rough for 50… I would have guessed that he was 10 years older.”

Other posters on 2+2 were a little more forgiving; one in particular called Lederer a scumbag, but is of the mind that even scumbags should be allowed to celebrate birthdays:

“He’s obv a scumbag but he can’t just keep apologizing all of his life and not celebrate a birthday, move on,”

Isildur1 is back in black… but for how long?

It’s an all too common cycle for Viktor “Isildur1” Blom at the online poker tables: Win a few million, lose it all back and few million of your own, and then win it back and then some. Earlier this year Blom was the biggest winner in online poker, with some $5 million in winnings, but during September and early October all of that money was lost, and Blom found himself in the hole $2 million.

But after a four-week, $5 million, heater, capped off with a $1.2 million win over Doug “WCGrider” Polk, Blom is once again the biggest winner at the online poker tables for 2013 –no word yet on how many years he’s shaved off his life with these multi-million dollar swings.

Moneymaker sports-betting drama not going away quietly

Last week we brought you the story of Chris Moneymaker and Jason Young, who are locked in a he-said she-said war of words over $20,000 in sports bets. It looked as if we had some closure to the fiasco when the two apparently came to an agreement with both Jason Young (post below) and Chris Moneymaker telling 2+2 they had hashed things out:

“Alright guys…we have reached an agreement- I had a long post to try and answer some of the ridiculous questions in here. Some of you guys just choose not to read, or it will never be enough- even more of the reason im glad this is all over with.

“ And it will be mentioned that like I said all along, I was never scamming anyone, I wasn’t this “boss” person, my timeline was correct that in between the 2 instances let me remind you guys that I opened a substantial business- which again is why my liquid cash wasn’t available to handle 2nd situation. I got screwed just as much as anyone, and ive been simply trying to make things right with all parties to move forward…and I believe that is happening now.

“ as for chris- I was always a fan as well as many of you are. But even outside of that I believe him to be a good genuine guy, him and I have had many conversations about everything ranging from poker, and sports to my business, our families and our mutual hatred of being taken advantage of. I don’t feel like he had bad intentions ever, and he is incredibly jaded by that world and people in general, as am I…

“ there are no hard feelings, and we will probably have a beer out in vegas next time I see him…”

But then this post by Chris Moneymaker happened, and it seems that we are back to square 1:

“Given new information and most importantly how it was handled by jason I am not paying him at all. He would of found 2+2 if he won and dodged that guy. I was fooled again talking to him and how he was a good guy just trying to pay everyone off. In reality he is talking to them and making promises while playing 5k events. End of discussion for me.”


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