The PNB Poker Buzz for October 10, 2013

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Poker News BoyEvery Thursday (or Friday when I slack off and forget to post it) brings you the latest gossip, debates, and disputes from the world of Poker Blogs, Forums, Editorials, and Social Media in what we are calling The Poker Buzz. If it’s an interesting story or idea you’ll find it here every Thursday.

Gavin Smith vs. Matt Glantz; who you got?

In a recent blog post Gavin Smith detailed a hand he played against Matt Glantz for the upcoming Poker Night in America telecast. In the post Smith opines that television cameras change the way people play. To summarize Smith’s conclusion: Players will make grossly negative EV plays for the television cameras because they feel the exposure of playing a huge pot with a hand like 52s will outweigh the –EV.

You can read Smith’s post here and formulate your own opinions.

Devilfish Poker Sold

The Weather Lottery PLC announced the sale of Devilfish Poker this week for the princely sum of £1. TWL purchased the site (named after UK poker pro Dave “Devilfish” Ulliot, three years ago for £330,000, but they were never able to make anything of the site, as evidenced by the £1 price-tag.

Forum Milestone: Marm hits 10k

We’re all familiar with 2+2, and most of us have visited, but there are literally hundreds of poker forums on the Internet, and one of the longest-standing and most welcoming ones is

Last week a player using the screen-name “Marm” became the first poster in PFO history to reach 10,000 posts.

PFO had a golden era in the early days of the poker boom, reaching a pinnacle in 2005/2006, but during the Black Friday era the forum was nearly deserted. However, a new owner took over in 2012 and PFO is once again among the more active poker forums on the Internet, with a member base that includes two-time WPT Champion Jonathan Little.

You can register at and join Marm and the other posters at

Lyle Berman First Inductee to Minnesota Poker Hall of Fame

The Canterbury Park Card Casino opened the Minnesota Poker Hall of Fame in July of 2013, and on October 4 the first member was inducted, Lyle Berman. Berman is a three-time WSOP bracelet winner and is considered one of the top players of his generation, especially in high-stakes cash games.

Congratulations to Lyle Berman on his latest honor.

Prop Bets Gone Wild

Poker pro and FOP (Friend of Phelps) Jeff Gross had a huge score ($550k) this week but it wasn’t for his poker skills. Instead Gross won a prop bet that he had made with Bill Perkins this summer. According to the twitter reports, and the pictures, Gross had to get a tattoo of Perkins choosing, that he can never remove, with very few restrictions.

Perkins settled on a gay pride rainbow tattoo in the middle of Gross’ upper back which you can see below in Dan Bilzerian’s tweet:


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