Tips for Finding Casino Getaway Discounts

Posted by James Guill on Jan 16, 2012 Posted in Poker News | 2 Comments »

Often I have friends and even other poker players ask for tips to stay on the cheap at casinos and in casino towns without having to rack up a huge amount of hours at the blackjack table or being forced to put in numerous hours at the cash game tables in the poker room.  As such, here are a few of my tips for those looking for a cheaper casino getaway.[sg_popup id=1]

Don’t Go on the Weekend

Sadly, the best time to get a cheaper casino rate is Sunday through Thursday.  The weekend is when everybody and their mamma are looking to stay at the casinos and in the general area, so naturally they are going to jack up the price.  For example, I have seen rooms that go from $30 to $40 during the week jump to as much as $150 a night on the weekend.  If you stay in an more expensive chain, it gets worse.

Don’t Stay at the Casino

This tip applies to those that have a car on their trips.  Sometimes if you are willing to do a little driving back and forth to the casino, you can save some cash.  For example, in Atlantic City during the Summer you will be better suited to stay somewhere in Absecon as opposed to the casinos.  It’s a bit of a drive but the savings can rack up. and Hotwire

Two sites I like to regularly use is and Hotwire.  The rate many times are going to be close to what you pay for your room if you book directly, but sometimes you can find deals or even special promotions for your stay.  Also, every 10 nights you book, you get a free night.

Hotwire has a special hot rate deal where they give you deep discounted rooms on various hotels.  You pick the star level and location and they give you the discount.  The catch is you don’t get to see which property you are staying at until you actually pay.  However, there are reviews available for the hot deals so you can get a bit of an idea.  Also, if you use them enough, you can in most cases figure out where they are going to send you.  I’ve saved as much as 50 to 70% on rooms with hotwire.  On the flipside, I have also been put at a hotel once where my room’s entrance was in the laundry room, so you should be at least willing to gamble a little with hotwire.

Feed the Slots and Video Poker Some

I never said you would never have to play any to get some deals.  However, you don’t have to play a lot to get offered some deals.  Video Poker and slots work on the concept of how much money you cycle through the machines, not an hourly basis.  For example, if you play 100 hands of .25 video poker at max credits and finish up $10, the casino doesn’t see you won ten bucks.  What they see is that you cycled $125 through their machines.  I’ve played as little as $20 in some casinos and received deals from the casino.  Note that you must have a players card in order to accrue points.


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2 Responses to “Tips for Finding Casino Getaway Discounts”

  1. Steve Ruddock says:

    Don’t forget to inquire about the poker room rate. If you are gonig to be playing in the poekr room you might as well take advantage of this rate, which can be as low as 1/3 of the usual price

  2. James Guill says:

    Most poker room rates require 4 hours of cash game play. Not everyone wants to do that every single day. Some just play tourneys. I’ve usually beat the poker room rates with the above. However, it can’t hurt to check, especially during peak seasons or if you plan on playing a lot of cash game poker.

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