Tom Middleton seeks first major win at EPT Barcelona

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EPTIf you are a UK poker player than the name Tom Middleton is likely a very familiar one –or perhaps his online screen-name “HittheHole” might ring a bell—but for the rest of the poker world Middleton is a relative unknown, even though he has a couple of sizable scores on his resume. All that could change tomorrow, however, as Middleton takes the chip-lead into the final table of the PokerStars European Poker Tour (EPT) Barcelona Main Event.

While the recent headlines have centered on Daniel Negreanu and the “first card off the deck” rule in the High-Roller tournament, and the break-ins and potential laptop hackings at nearby hotels, the Main Event has been relatively ignored, despite setting an EPT Barcelona attendance record –and coming up just six players shy of the EPT all-time record—which sort of reminds me of the EPT Berlin tournament from a few years back when Kevin MacPhee’s massive win was overshadowed by the brazen robbery that took place.

So while we could be witnessing the birth of the next great UK poker star, Middleton will have to contend with extraneous factors for headlines tomorrow. Middleton has literally been at the top of the leader-board for the past three days, having the end of day chip-lead on Day’s 3, 4, and 5.

Here is a look at the seating assignments and chip counts for the final table of the EPT Barcelona Main Event:

* Seat 1: Andreas Christoforou — 2,560,000

* Seat 2: Kimmo Kurko — 2,265,000

* Seat 3: Pasi Sormunen — 3,070,000

* Seat 4: Tom Middleton — 9,850,000

* Seat 5: Eduard Bhaggoe — 1,615,000

* Seat 6: Luca Fiorini — 4,610,000

* Seat 7: Kresten Nielsen — 7,300,000

* Seat 8: Benoit Gury — 5,610,000

The remaining players are all guaranteed a payday of at least €102k, but the big money will go to the winner, who will walk away with over 10-times what the eighth place finisher will receive. Here is a look at the final table payouts for the tournament:

* 1st place: €1,067,000

* 2nd place: €625,000

* 3rd place: €440,500

* 4th place: €328,000

* 5th place: €253,000

* 6th place: €188,000

* 7th place: €143,000

* 8th place: €102,430

At the same time that the EPT Barcelona Main Event final table plays out, another high-profile final table will also be taking place; the final table for the EPT Barcelona €10k High-Roller event, and despite quitting the tournament after the aforementioned ruling Daniel Negreanu is among the chip-leaders after rebuying.


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