Tony G wants another crack at Isildur1

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Tony G took to the 2+2 poker forums to issue a challenge of his own to Isildur1, and the message was basically, “Come play me at Party Poker!” Tony’s challenge was the second such “open challenge” issued on 2+2 to the newest member of Team PokerStars Pro, Isildur1, as David “Viffer” Peat also challenged Isildur1 to play a heads-up challenge at the PCA.

Amazingly, both declarations were perhaps the most horrific butchering of the English language to date, and I’ll let you decide if Viffer’s spelling, or Tony G’s apparent abhorrence of punctuation is more dreadful!

The full post by Viffer:

Isildur1 challange

Id like to take the challenge live at pca. we can play 1 table 150k deep unlimited rebuys, cant quit unless 150k looser or 2500 hands.

Im open for other offers, or if not interested i understand.

Yeah i messed up the spelling in tittle, sorry gotta give you guys some thing to complain about.”

Portions of Tony G’s post:

me vs Isildur1

The game would have been much closer but I tried to win it as many of my close friends bet on me to win this thing not even talking to me about it even a professor from world famous uni bet on now that is crazy being a street bloke I dont let my friends down I take the unders I go for the win no matter the odds I get it in real bad with K6 for $30,000 as I had some hope to win that pot and win the match now that would have been a turn up but the game showed there is hope for everyone good bad and ugly just like me a bit of everything and a bit of nothing what is hart?

Now I need everyone to lobby for a reamatch that is fair and my sponcsor deserves it lets replay this thing on my home turf at partypoker asap and I will add $50,000 to the pool as a contest of this magnitude deserves some money added and we will hide isildurs1 identity that is not up for discussion we I hope might just all want to see a EURO fight between and old man that is out of line a super star young gun.”

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