UKIPT Live Stream Could Revolutionize Tournament Coverage

Posted by Steve Ruddock on Aug 13, 2013 Posted in Poker News | 3 Comments »

UKIPTOnline streams of live poker tournaments have become a major part of tournament coverage over the past few years, but the poker world has never seen a live stream that can compare to the one currently on display at the Full Tilt Poker website for the UKIPT Galway tournament series.

My first experience with the UKIPT coverage was one of wonder and amazement. I arrived expecting something similar to what the WPT and WSOP use, but was met with something altogether different, and altogether extraordinary –Imagine it’s the year 2010 and you’re going to buy a new laptop and instead the kid at Best Buy hands you an iPad.

Hands down, the UKIPT online coverage is the most comprehensive and innovative that poker has ever seen, combining the accuracy and statistical data of online poker tournaments with the more entertaining video and commentary of live tournaments.

The coverage of the UKIPT Galway Main Event could very well be the next step in the evolution of tournament coverage.

Layout and Features

So what is it about the coverage that has me so spellbound?

Surrounding the video player is a slew of data and information for the event being shown on the live stream, all constantly updated and all accurate. You’ll find everything from entries and remaining players to recent eliminations and the Top 10 chip counts. You’ll even see the countdown clock for the current level.

Additionally there are several “Pop-Up” tabs at your disposal:

* Payouts

* All Chip Counts

* All Bustouts

* Player Search

* Full Updates

All of this information is at your fingertips, easy to find, and contained on a single webpage. It’s truly remarkable, and a breakthrough for tournament coverage.

The Player Search feature is by far the most novel feature of the bunch; not only does it display the table and seat the player is currently at, but it does this by placing the person at one of Full Tilt’s online poker tables. This feature is capable of searching by player or by a table number, with all of the players shown in their correct seats and with their current chip counts; just like they were playing at an online table.

You can get a good sense of what the coverage looks like by imagining you are watching a live stream of a poker tournament and thinking, “I wish I could see x,” or, “too bad they don’t add y to the coverage.” Whatever it is you were hoping for, it is likely already included in Full Tilt’s coverage.

Or, you can just go see it for yourself: UKIPT Coverage at Full Tilt Poker.


3 Responses to “UKIPT Live Stream Could Revolutionize Tournament Coverage”

  1. Hi Steve
    Thanks for the positive write up on the Galway event. I like the format and should be adopted for all tournaments – our Ev count system works well
    Winmedia also cover the Irish open and most of the Wpt streams in Europe and the USA – we were the first to stream any poker which was the world poker. Crown a few years ago
    Before that we did the Irish open live for several years for tv and many others shows.
    If you would like to come to one of the events to see behind the scenes your always welcome and would listen to any suggestions you have


    Ian Langstaff CEO Winmedia Ltd

  2. Steve Ruddock says:

    Appreciate the offer Ian, if I make plans to attend one of the tournaments I’ll be sure to give you a heads-up I’m coming.

  3. Hi Steve
    Hope your well

    Just to let you know we are producing the new Full Tilt Montreal Festival with the festival starting on the 21st and we start coverage with EV count on the 27th and full stream on the 30th Sept
    The stream will be open for anyone to take so if you need the embed code just let me know



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