Ultimate Bet Super User documentary in the works

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Along with Haley Hintze, perhaps no name is more synonymous with the Ultimate Bet Super User scandal than ElevenGrover (the 2+2 poker forum screen-name of Scott Bell). The two have been the most ardent investigators of the Super-User scandals that rocked the online poker from about 2006 through 2008, and despite a severe feud erupting between the two, both are very highly respected when it comes to UB and AP super-user knowledge.

During an interview withQuadJacks.com at the 2012 WSOP tournament series, Scott Bell announced he was working on a documentary movie project that will delve into the Super-User scandal. Bell not only announced the new project but also gave the poker community a sneak-peek at what the documentary will contain, and from the harsh words he had for many people involved with UB at the time it appears that the documentary (which currently has the working title of Ultimate Beat) will take off any kid gloves, and explain the scandal from Bell’s point of view after years of investigative work.

On the PokerFraudAlert.com forums Bell showed up to clarify some points in a thread created by another user regarding the documentary, where he stated the following:

“My experience is that even the most interested folks have very little understanding of what happened in the UB situation. It is one of the chief reasons they got away with it and also what kept us digging. It is also why most of the participants stand to make even more going forward than they did in the past and that cannot stand.

“For instance, many believe brainwashdodo was some random customer service employee named Zoltan Rozsa who blackmailed the company by pulling accounts with high balances. It wasn’t. There is a meme out there that the software was developed by a mysterious engineer not employed by the company. It wasn’t. Our goal is to bring the story together in a tight format so the narrative the company wants to live as the official line doesn’t actually succeed (right now it is).

“We did a good interview with Druff, much of it focusing on the Travis interviews and the reasons for why Travis showed up when and how he did. I will tease another bit from the film here. Travis revealed to me he can no longer provide information because he has signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement. That is somewhat odd to me, since usually you only sign those when you are given something in return. Of course, his lawyers supposedly took over Sebok’s job of hunting for the real killers, so who knows?”

Interestingly, Haley Hintze, who is working on her own book regarding the Super-User scandals, also showed up in the thread, with very harsh words for Bell:

“Please don’t mention me in connection with anything having to do with Mr. Bell. There is a high degree of enmity between us, and the chance that I would have anything to do with him is exactly equal to zero. I do note that he is wrong in some of his assertions made in this thread, and in due time the facts will speak for themselves.

“I do get a kick of out when threats made my Bell directed at others work their way to me, which they usually do in two or three steps, because he’s quite often wrong in his assumptions of who’s talking to me. As I Tweeted earlier today, my fave Bell quote from these (to date) is when he wrote:

“It will almost be worth it if Haley ends in prison over the scheme…” — K. Scott Bell, June, 2011

“This is my only comment on these matters.”

As far as the project itself, Bell stated that it would focus specifically on Ultimate Bet (perhaps leaving Absolute Poker for another day) and can be expected sometime at the end of 2012 if all goes according to plan.

Here is a link to the original QuadJacks video with Scott Bell:


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