Whats Happening With The Durr Challenge?

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Durrr Challenge

So it must have been all the way back in January when Durrr and Patrick Antonius first started going head to head in the Durrr challenge on Full Tilt poker. Ever since then people have been waiting patiently to see some serious action and apart from a few thousand hands earlier on in the year very little has actually happened in the 9 months since the Durrr challenge started. Up to this point it has been a major disappointment.

For those that don’t know anything about the Durrr challenge it all came from a statement Tow Dwan aka Durrr made through the media suggesting that he would play anyone in the world heads up over four tables on Full Tilt. The most amazing part was that Durrr offered $1.5 million to anyone else $500,000! So all anyone in the world had to do to win Durrr’s $1.5m was end a dollar up after 50,000 hands of heads up poker. Patrick Antonius stepped up to the plate and took the bet straight away. It became instant online poker news.

There was other interest as well in the form of Phil Ivey but it’s been so long now that no one knows if this challenge will even finish let alone another one start up!

When the challenge kicked off it was difficult to see who was favorite. Obviously all the major online poker forums were hailing Durrr as the clear winner but from what the world has seen of Antonius how could you possible wright him off? Durrr did manage to take a big lead early on in the match up when he laid a sick beat on Patrick in a $200,000 pot but since then Antonius has ground it back and now the two legends of the game are pretty much equal.

The match up between Patrick Antonius and Tom Dwann looked sure to make it into the poker hall of fame. Never before have we been treated to watching two of the biggest poker superstars go head to head over so many hands. However the massive gaps in play are turning the whole thing into a snooze fest. The competition has lost some serious momentum and if Full Tilt don’t sort it out soon then they may as well just cancel the whole thing.

The more time goes on the more this just looks like a media stunt to draw attention to Full Tilt. Up to this point neither player has established a significant edge in the $200/$400 games they have played against each other. The contest has fizzled out and it’s about time they got on with it because I for one am desperate to see the result.

The Durrr challenge still has the potential to be epic if only they would get on with it!

(Download Full Tilt Poker and watch the Durrr Challenge action as it happens)

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