William Reynolds speaks out on poker and players

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William Reynolds is one of Daniel Negreanu’s favorite poker players, and perhaps his close friendship with the outspoken poker legend was the impetus for Reynolds firing off on a number of current poker players during a recent interview with QuadJacks. Reynolds has been a regular guest on QuadJacks, and has tossed-aside the notion that he is nothing more than a free-spirited poker savant, and has proven to be very, very, knowledgeable on a number of topics, and well plugged into what is going in the poker world.

The 46-minute video from June 18, 2012, has a Cliff’s Notes version (in true poker fashion) and among Reynolds targets were Annie Duke, Phil Ivey, Carter Phillips, and Jean-Robert Bellande. Reynolds also had some harsh criticisms for the way the current generation wears their hoodies, sunglasses, and headphones, and doesn’t say a word while playing.

Carter Phillips

Reynolds offered up a story on Carter Phillips detailing how he backed out of a staking deal with Tom Marchese, and according to Reynolds Phillips owes Marchese $25,000 (this sounds somewhat familiar to the Sam Trickett and Andrew Feldman drama). According to Reynolds Phillips is planning on leaving poker after the WSOP, which seems unlikely to happen after Carter binked a WSOP bracelet.

Jean-Robert Bellande

Reynolds criticism of JRB dealt with Bellande’s ability to get backers even though he is “an atrocious poker player”. As Reynolds stated, “ it would make more sense for whoever is backing Bellande to just invest $1 million straight into the One Drop Foundation, rather than wasting it on him.”

Phil Ivey

Reynolds’ criticism of Ivey was tame compared to his words for the other players on the list. Reynolds was adamant that Ivey wasn’t a part of any of the internal problems at Full Tilt poker, but did chastise him for not being more vocal and taking more responsibility for not being involved.

Annie Duke

“Annie Duke should never make another dollar in the poker world…” That was perhaps the takeaway from the entire interview when it comes to Reynolds feelings on Annie Duke. Reynolds blasted Duke for guaranteeing $1,000,000 for the players, and criticized her for trying to make money off the game of poker and doing nothing for the game or players in return. Reynolds stated that Duke, “takes, and takes, and takes, and never gives back”.

Reynolds did heap some praise on Daniel Negreanu, saying he was one of the only people in poker who was willing to speak his mind and attach his name to those statements. Reynolds is looking to be more like Negreanu in this respect, becoming more vocal and outspoken about what he sees as problems in the poker world.

Here is the Full and Cliff’s version of the interview:

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