WSOP Notebook Day 6: The Return of the Notebook

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wsop 2013This year will be bringing you all of the important news from the World Series of Poker, but we’ll also be scouring the Internet for some of the little tidbits that fall through the cracks. Our daily WSOP Notebook column will focus on anything controversial, funny, or just downright strange, so if you happen across an interesting bit of information please post it here: OFFICIAL 2013 News and Notes and if we find it newsworthy it will make the column along with a special thanks to the person who brought it to light.

As you probably noticed there was no WSOP Notebook column for Day 5, and moving forward there will probably be more skipped days. My goal with this was to keep the content limited to side-stories and sometimes there simply isn’t enough going on to warrant a daily column. So after our 1-day hiatus we’re back with some more news and notes from the WSOP.

Fantasy Update

First off I want to give a little update on my Fantasy Poker Team. The good news is that Steve O’Dwyer –despite his anti- WSOP rant just before the series– is there and playing. The bad news is that a number of my players haven’t arrived at the WSOP as of yet, Juanda, Deeb, and Ole Schemion. The terrible news is that my big guns have been underperforming. Hellmuth is getting shutout thus far, Bakes, Xuan Liu, Alaei, Nitsche, and Cal Anderson have a couple small cashes between them, but someone needs to let them know Dan Kelly is a wrecking machine this year… and he’s not on my team!

Chris Moorman’s hypothetical question of the day


Has anyone over the age of 40 ever folded to a 3 bet out of position before? #youcantbullymekid

Obviously he has never played with Allen Kessler.

What would you have him say?

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PHIL GALFOND VOICE GREETING: Fifteen seconds of Phil Galfond (aka OMGClayAiken) providing a custom voice greeting! It can be your full name, your favorite pet, whatever you want! Usually, this is where we have to insert “within good taste”. We will send you the MP3 file so you can use it as your outgoing voicemail, to prank call a friend, whatever your heart desires. ***PLUS: You will also get the Ultimate Grinder Package!

Think of the possibilities and the many uses for a 10-second soundbite from Phil Galfond.

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