WSOP Notebook: Hellmuth quotes, Deeb’s Gram and more

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There was quite a bit going on at the WSOP this weekend, not least of which was the WSOP Main Event kicking-off, and there was also a couple of interesting stories unfolding on Twitter, both of which saw some locals trying to angle-shoot poker players (never a good idea!).

Phil Hellmuth’s quotes hit the Twittersphere

Thanks to Jordan Young, who had the pleasure of spending his Day 1 at the WSOP Main Event at the same table as Phil Hellmuth, we have the following quotes from the Poker Brat, as he went off-and-on tilt all day:

@the_dean221 @agriffrod Hellmuth talking to himself a lot, we could have something here

Hellmuth- “Dealer is the table squared up”..Dealer- “Yes, it’s 9-handed”…Hellmuth- “Oh, I guess I’m just used to 8-handed in the One Drop”

Phil currently in the fetal position talking about “these kids won’t let me win one”..he then sprawled on the table not releasing his ante

“So me and Ivey are drinking Louis Trey all night”…”and then we hop in his McClaren” ?#philhellmuthopeningstorylines?

“Why not give the internet guy raising every hand the best of it Jesus” in regards to Skammes…Skammes is the “live one” according to phil

You can read more about Young’s interesting day by following his Twitter feed at: Jordan Young @Jymaster11

Shaun Deeb’s Gram gives the Day 1a “Shuffle up and deal”

92 year-old Ellen “Gram” Deeb was chosen to do the honors and kick-start the 2012 WSOP Main Event with the “Shuffle up and deal” announcement. Deeb, the oldest player in the field, and grandmother of poker pro Shaun Deeb (who was selling pieces of her right up until the last minute), has become somewhat of a cult figure in the poker world thanks to her grandson.

Shaun Deeb’s $5k tip: Aidlily Mizrachi’s “fake” $50

I’ll let the Twitter’s of each explain these two attempted angle shots by Las Vegas employees:

shaun deeb @shaundeeb

So I got laundry done and I I left some flags in a pocket I realized they were there after and the guy tried to cash em and failed I think

is it sad that Im more angry that I might have no clothes instead of the $? my wardrobe is less then the chips value just hate shopping

Heading to file a police report now the guys in custody tried to claim I tipped him 5k for 30$ of laundry ?#notthatballer?

Aidiliy Mizrachi @LilyMizrachi

Gave 50$ cash to lady for gas. Tell her pump # go out .. Calls me back and tells me that the 50 is no good. Not the bill I gave.. ?#scam?

Called the cops on her.. She is not getting away with this.. Tired of thieves.. Unbelievable!!


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