WSOP Notebook June 20: Diaz banned, prescient dealers and more

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wsop 2013This year will be bringing you all of the important news from the World Series of Poker, but we’ll also be scouring the Internet for some of the little tidbits that fall through the cracks. Our WSOP Notebook column will focus on anything controversial, funny, or just downright strange, so if you happen across an interesting bit of information please post it here: OFFICIAL 2013 News and Notes and if we find it newsworthy it will make the column along with a special thanks to the person who brought it to light.

After all my recent griping about the lack of controversies at the 2013 WSOP It’s been quite an interesting week at the WSOP. Over the past week we’ve seen a former bracelet winner banned from all Caesars properties; we’ve seen poker pro Mike Sowers get completely mind-f**ked by a dealer, and we’ve seen Srsly Sirius turn into a PR firm for some of poker’s most polarizing players.

Srsly Sirius gives Marafioti and Rheem a platform

Several villains have emerged in the poker world over the past few years, Russ Hamilton, Howard Lederer, Chris Ferguson, Annie Duke, Erick Lindgren, and recent BLUFF Magazine interviewees, Matt Marifioti and Chino Rheem.

BLUFF, through their Multimedia Producer Thomas “Srsly Sirius” Keeling has given both Marafioti and Rheem an outlet to tell their story to the poker world.

Dealer apologizes for bad beat BEFORE he deals the card

I don’t even know where to begin with this one so I’ll just let Mike Sowers tell the story since it happened to him:


Busto. I get n 99 on flop 978 3 hearts vs qq with qh. Before dealer deals turn he looks at me and says sorry guy bad beat.. He deals 6h

Oddest thing i saw all summer river qd n im just puzzled as to how he knew or if he even had a clue what was going on…

This one is hard to reconcile, and the dealer in question has been fired according to Mike Sowers. But still; did he peek at the next card? Did he accidentally expose it to himself? Did he set the deck?

David Diaz banned and he can’t remember why

Anyone who has ever been to a casino knows it takes quite a bit of debauchery to get tossed out, let alone to receive a lifetime ban. But a lifetime ban is precisely what WSOP bracelet winner David Diaz received from Caesars after a drunken night at a nightclub inside the Rio.

Despite this happening over a week ago, there is still no real definitive word on what took place.


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