Party Poker makes changes to rake calculations

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party poker software updateOn August 24, 2011 Party Poker will be moving from the “Dealt” method to the “Weighted” method when it comes to determining a player’s contribution to the rake. Although Party Poker does not offer a rakeback program –the most common use of these calculations, and most common reason for a site to switch from the “Dealt” to the “Weighted” method—the change will affect the way players are awarded Party Poker Points.

At Party Poker, players are awarded 2 Party Points for every $1 of rake they personally generate, so under the old method whether a player was dealt into the hand or not was the only factor, and every player dealt cards at the beginning of the hand would be considered as contributing the same amount of rake in the hand. Under the new “Weighted” method, players who put more money into the pot are considered to have contributed more to the rake. Here is an example:

Scenario 1, the “Dealt” method: 5 Players are dealt into the hand with the first three players folding. The two remaining players both end up all-in creating a $200 pot with $3 in rake. Each player is considered to have contributed $.60 in rake and is awarded 1.2 Party Points each.

Scenario #2, the “Weighted” method: The action is the same as before, but under the weighted method only players who have contributed money to the point are considered to have contributed to the rake. So in this case, the two all-in players are each considered as having contributed $1.50 to the rake and will earn 3 Party Points each, while the other three players receive nothing.

Obviously the change to the “Weighted” method is designed to reward looser, more aggressive players, and will hurt the very tight players, which is a good thing if you are trying to attract “fish” to your online poker room!

Party Poker will also be making some adjustments to their rake structure, dropping the minimum stakes for maximum rake collection from $15/$30 down to $3/$6. All stakes under $3/$6 will see their rake structure remain unchanged.

Here is a look at the Maximum Rake for High, Mid, Low, and Micro-stakes games at Party Poker:

* High Stakes — $3 at $300

* Mid-Stakes — $3 at $60

* Low Stakes — $1 at $20

* Micro-Stakes — $.50 at $10

You can see the complete breakdown of the Party Poker rake structure at the following page: Party Poker Rake

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