PokerStars Rebrands Turbo Championship Of Online Poker (TCOOP) In

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PokerStars, the biggest online poker website in the world has hosted its popular Turbo Championship of Online Poker (TCOOP) for six consecutive years. TCOOP usually takes place in January each year and draws thousands of online poker players from all over the world. However, it seems like all good things must come to an end and TCOOP will not take place in 2018.

TCOOP Gets Rebranded And New Launch Date

This is one of the flagship online tournaments for PokerStars, so it is a little surprising that the company has decided scrap TCOOP. PokerStars decided that it was the right time to rebrand and change the schedule for TCOOP because the January time slot for the tournament series was becoming too crowded. January is crowded with a number of popular online tournaments including partypoker’s Powerfest, the Winamax Series XX and MPN’s The Classic. W

However, online poker players need not despair though as PokerStars has announced that it will be rebranding TCOOP into Turbo Series and moving the online tournament from Jan to Feb. The tentative date for the series is from February 18 to March 4. There is no confirmed schedule as of now but PokerStars has confirmed that it will release more information in the coming weeks.

The Turbo format is one of the most popular online formats in online poker. One of the most important factors that make it so popular is that it games are played so quickly. Turbo games work by increasing the speed of the blind structure. The usual increase is done every five minutes. This is compared to the one-hour blind increase found in traditional poker games. With a faster blind increase, the amounts in the blind are bigger and money keeps changing hands very fast. This also means that tables will be able to finish games quicker.

TCOOP Had A Great History

Most poker tournament series usually have one or two turbo events in them. However, the TCOOP was unique in that all of the events in the series were in the Turbo format. Combined with the high guaranteed prize pools, this made TCOOP something that a lot of players anticipated all year long.

The first TCOOP was held back in 2012 and had a guaranteed prize pool of $10 million. It also had 50 events scheduled. It concluded with a $700 buy-in Main Event which was followed by a $215 Hyper-Turbo “Wrap Party” event. As for the results, it was an unqualified success, with a total prize pool of $19 million. The main event was won by betudontbet and the player walked away with $382,855.

This inaugural event was followed by five years of great TCOOP tournaments. The second TCOOP saw a larger prize pool of $24 million. The next four TCOOPs never saw a prize pool not lower than $15 million. The 2017 TCOOP saw maxv2 win $489,076 in the Main Event which was the largest payout in TCOOP’s short history.

TCOOP became so popular that it became part of PokerStars’ trio of flagship tournaments. This includes the World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) and the Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP). Online poker players had aspirations of winning titles in all three tournaments, hoping to claim the ‘Triple COOP’ honor.

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