PokerStars ZOOM Poker readies for launch

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Poker players have been pining for the fast-paced Rush Poker developed by Full Tilt Poker (or a similar version from another online poker site) ever since the site went offline in late June 2011. Now it appears that PokerStars is preparing for their real-money launch of their Rush Poker-esque ZOOM Poker.

PokerStars has been beta-testing ZOOM Poker on their play-money tables and thus far the reviews have been very positive. Despite small player pools (a product of the play-money arena ZOOM Poker is beta-testing in) ZOOM Poker seems to be as fast as Rush Poker, although a few online posters have found the time in between folding and landing at a new table to be a tad bit slower (in the neighborhood of 1 second by their guesstimates). Here is how one 2+2 user, using the screen-name “HyperGeometry”, posed the question of ZOOM Poker’s speed:

“Zoom poker is not as fast as rush poker used to be ?. I tested it on the site and I had the feeling it’s not going as fast as rush poker was. Maybe a delay of 1 second while switching of table compared to FTP. Someone else had the same perception ?”

ZOOM Poker first came to light in September 2011, but the beta-testing version wasn’t available until last month. Just like Full Tilt’s Rush Poker, ZOOM Poker participants will find themselves as part of a larger group of players, so instead of joining a single table, and choosing a specific seat, ZOOM Poker players will be randomly assigned a seat and table every single hand. Here is how PokerStars describes ZOOM Poker: “a new fast-paced way to play poker. You’re always at the center of the action and can play more hands per hour than ever before,”

As soon as you are dealt cards you have the option to fold using the QUICKFOLD button, and as soon as you make the decision to fold, or a hand you are involved in is completed, you will seamlessly move to a new table along with other players from the pool.

Questions that still remain as PokerStars prepares for the official launch of ZOOM Poker include:

* What games (formats and stakes) will be available?

* Is a tournament version in the works?

* How will players earn VPP points and other bonuses when playing ZOOM Poker?

It will be interesting to see how many players at the site will join in the ZOOM Poker revolution; with PokerStars massive player-pool (double Full Tilt Poker’s)as well as the way their VIP Loyalty rewards are structured (which is far different than Full Tilt Poker’s system) ZOOM Poker could be a smashing success for PokerStars. As 2+2 poster “sdrf” said: “I think a larger percentage of players at Stars will move to Zoom than did at FTP. There are more players trying to achieve various bonus levels as a high percentage of those will at the very least try Zoom or use it when they’ve fallen behind in their chase.”

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