Effective tips to guard your poker bankroll online

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Almost every poker player, no matter how good or bad he/she may be, is prone to burning through his/her bankroll quickly. Who doesn’t remember that terrible and heart-breaking loss of Frenchman Paul Tedeschi in January 2016?! It doesn’t come as a surprise that players who play live poker on a consistent basis also claim that they are just not able to maintain their balance while playing online.

The question is that if a player wins consistently at live poker, and is profitable overall, shouldn’t he/she be profitable at online poker as well? Unfortunately, winning consistently at online poker requires a lot of control and discipline than live poker. Let’s acquaint you with some effective tips that can help you guard your poker bankroll online.

Be serious

If you’re playing online poker for real money, every decision, pot and session matters. Making even a small mistake can cost you plenty of money. Hence, you should approach online poker very seriously, just like the off-line version of it.

First and foremost, get rid of any distractions in your vicinity. While some people are good at multitasking and can even watch a movie and follow latest poker news while playing two different tables, others get disturbed even by the smallest of things. In addition, you must never play online poker out of boredom.

Play within your bankroll

No matter what happens, you must always play online poker within your bankroll. When you’re playing online poker, you’re up against everyone else. Essentially, it’s your finite bankroll against the infinite bankroll of the rest of the world. If you know how to win, you can expect significant returns on your investment, however, that would require enough money in your bankroll to make those kind of big swings.

Stick to the standard rule and always stay under 5% of your bankroll in-play at one table, at any given time. The idea is to hold on to your horses and never go overboard. Don’t be like this Brit player who bet his entire winnings on one roulette wheel spin! Please know that luck will not be always so kind to you.

Take a break

As online poker can normally be played from anywhere, even from within the four walls of your comfortable living room, you must ensure that you take a break every now and then and clear your head, especially if you’ve been experiencing a losing streak lately. Perhaps you could spend some interesting online slots to take your mind off poker. There are plenty of reputed casinos that offer attractive free spins on sign up these days. Why not avail them and give yourself a chance to win some easy and handsome money!

Avoid constant monitoring of your balance

As long as you play within your bankroll and avoid going overboard, there is almost zero risk of going broke in online poker. As checking online poker bankroll is as easy as clicking a mouse button these days, many poker players fall into the trap of checking it again and again and micromanaging their account. If you constantly watch your balance, there’s a high chance you might get frustrated or over excited whenever you experience a losing or winning streak respectively. And that’s not good for your bankroll.

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