How to Play Your Hole Cards in Hold ‘Em

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When it comes to playing Texas Hold ‘Em, you always want to take whatever competitive advantage you can get. And one of the most important phases of any round of Hold ‘Em is how you play your hole cards right off the bat. The initial play you make during the pre-flop portion of the game can dictate how the rest of the round is going to turn out for you. If you bet aggressively, people might think you’re either bluffing or you have a strong hand. If you just limp in, people can second-guess whether you should really be in the pot or not.

All over the world, people are flocking to the top online casinos in order to play Texas Hold ‘Em. Poker has always been one of the most popular casino games in the world. And one of the reasons why people love poker so much is the competitive aspect of the game. As such, you might be desperate to learn the tips and tricks of the trade. In this article, we are going to go over some of the strongest starting hands that you can get in Hold ‘Em and how you should be playing them.

Pocket Aces

There’s no better starting hand in poker than getting pocket aces. The best way to play pocket Aces would be to be aggressive right at the start without wanting to scare people away. Bet an appropriate amount just to let your opponents know that you mean business. But don’t bet too much to the point that no one bites. Remember that statistically speaking, you have the current best odds of winning the entire hand. It’s best that you make the most out of it pre-flop by betting at least double the big blind.

Pocket Kings

In almost the same vein as the pocket aces, you should play your pocket kings aggressively. Granted, there will be some rare moments wherein folding pocket kings pre-flop is the smart thing to do. For instance, if there are numerous players who are going all-in pre-flop, it’s likely that at least one of them will have an ace or even a pair of aces that could potentially topple your kings. However, for the most part, the kings are only second to aces pre-flop. And considering that it’s incredibly rare to flop pocket aces, there’s a good chance that you have the best hand to start with at the table.

Pocket Queens and Jacks

While pocket queens and jacks might be strong hands, they’re not all that strong. In a full table, it’s likely that someone is going to get either a king or an ace in their hole cards. And when that happens, it can get problematic if a king or an ace appears on the flop. That means that your pocket queens or jacks are already compromised. It’s best to still be aggressive with this hand pre-flop, but don’t go too overboard. It would be ideal to merely call an initial raiser pre-flop if the opportunity is there.

Top-Pair Hands

For top-pair hands, we’re talking about combinations like Ace-King, Ace-Queen, Ace-Jack, King-Queen, etc. These can be very potent hands to play with even though they aren’t necessarily ahead of pocket hands pre-flop. With these kinds of overcards, you have a good chance of securing a good high pair on the flop. It would be even better if you get suited connectors for your top-pair hands to open you up to the possibility of straights or flushes. With this kind of hand, you have more flexibility to be a little looser with your gameplay, but you should still keep in mind that you’re playing behind anyone who has pocketed a pair.

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