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Poker pro Doug Polk runs a successful online poker training website along with Ryan Fee. Upswing Poker provides great insights to both amateur and professional poker players and teaches them how to develop a strong poker strategy, read poker players confidently at the table, improve their overall gameRead Full Article

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The debate as to whether poker is a game of skill or chance has gone on for decades mainly because it has always been difficult for poker players to win consistently whether it is live poker action or online poker. However there are a few elite poker prosRead Full Article

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Since the poker boom there have been countless poker manuals that have hit the bookshelves, covering everything from No Limit Holdem (a very popular topic) to more specific entries like short-handed PLO games and shove/fold strategies in poker tournaments. But even with the hundreds of poker books thatRead Full Article

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The second and final installment of two-time World Poker Tour Champion Jonathan Little’s tournament poker strategy books is now available, and the poker world has been wondering if Volume 2 will be able to live-up to the expectations and reach or surpass the very high-bar set by VolumeRead Full Article

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2012 is already shaping up to be a watershed year in online poker with potential online poker legalization in the US, and the fallout from Black Friday still affecting the entire industry. Fortunately poker players now have a place to turn for the latest news and information onRead Full Article

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One of the largest online poker affiliates,, has been the subject of two threads on the website (one recent, and one about a year old) where other users have alleged the massive online poker portal is using strong-arm tactics in order to secure certain domain namesRead Full Article

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It’s not too often that a poker player at the top of their game takes the time to write a strategy book, but this is precisely what two-time WPT Champion Jonathan Little has done, and the end-result is a two-part tournament poker strategy book published by D&B Publishing,Read Full Article

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One of the poker world’s most well-known authors, David Apostolico, is offering readers his latest book free on Kindle for a limited time: Compete, Play, Win: Finding your Best Competitive Self. Compete, Play, Win has a list price of $22.95 for the hardcover version, but is currently availableRead Full Article