Doug Polk Highlights Five Qualities That Poker Players Must Work

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Poker pro Doug Polk runs a successful online poker training website along with Ryan Fee. Upswing Poker provides great insights to both amateur and professional poker players and teaches them how to develop a strong poker strategy, read poker players confidently at the table, improve their overall game and how to manage their bankroll.

Polk has accomplished much on the poker circuit winning 3 World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelets and taking home over $9.4 million in career prize money. The 28 year old poker pro plays live poker events as well as online poker under the username of WCGRider. Having spent over 10 years playing poker and gaining experience in both live and online poker events, Polk recently opened up on ‘The Five Qualities That Poker Players Must Work On To Be Consistently Successful’.

Emotionally Resilient

Polk says that poker players must prepare themselves emotionally as poker is a roller-coaster that has a lot of ups and downs. The downs tend to occur more frequently and last a lot longer than the ups and to be successful at poker, players will need to become emotionally resilient which helps them stay positive even when things don’t go their way.

Managing Money

Most poker pros are looking for that big pay day that will turn them into millionaires overnight. Polk points out that the top poker players in the world today got there because they learnt how to manage their money in their professional and personal lives. He advises poker players to put aside a large chunk of money when they win big as that will help them have funds for a rainy day and also help them boost their bankroll for the future. Polk also suggests that poker players look at finding financial backers for events with huge buy-ins as it limits their financial risk considerably.


Successful poker players have to be disciplined in a number of areas as it requires them to put in time to study the game, read books and watch videos on poker strategy and spend countless hours developing their game. Not many players want to put in the time because they lack self-control and as a result don’t have good results at the table.

Mind Success

Poker pros like Pratyush Buddiga and Vanessa Selbst have very good academic credentials. This is a plus according to Polk as it helps players quickly learn how to play poker and find out what works best for them. While having a good academic background is not essential, Polk does advise players to invest into themselves mentally. German poker pro Fedor Holz has credited ‘mind coaches’ or success coaches in helping him become the poker player that he is today.

The Luck Factor

Many poker pros believe that poker is a game of skill and not luck. Polk definitely believes in skills which is why he has a poker training website but also points out that luck does play a part in the short-term. He says that the good players have learnt the difference between bad luck and bad play. They figure out their mistakes and then learn from experience thereby reducing the amount of bad luck that comes their way.


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