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The Online Legend and Lead Instructor of Tournament Poker Edge says it is a “MUST” for all Players Bubble Protection, the world leader in online poker tournament entry fee protection and indemnity, today announced the appointment of online poker legend and TOP instructor Casey “BigDogPckt5s” Jarzabek as theRead Full Article

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There was quite a bit of action in the world of tournament poker over the past week, with big names winning in both the live and online poker arenas, as well as some news on the fourth stop of the Epic Poker League’s inaugural season. Nicky Evans winsRead Full Article

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While some US online poker pros have decided to move abroad to continue earning a living, and many others have been trying their hand at live poker, a smaller group has decided to move away from the life of a full-time poker pro and focus on other interests.Read Full Article

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In its 5+ years on the online poker scene Full Tilt Poker has been one of the leading innovators in the industry, introducing such features as Rush Poker, and now their latest addition to the online poker world is the Multi-Entry Tournament. Multi-Entry Tournaments allow players to enterRead Full Article