Online poker pro Dusty Schmidt returning to golf

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While some US online poker pros have decided to move abroad to continue earning a living, and many others have been trying their hand at live poker, a smaller group has decided to move away from the life of a full-time poker pro and focus on other interests. One such player is Dusty “Leatherass” Schmidt, one of the online poker world’s highest volume players, who has made the difficult decision to focus on his first love: Golf.

Schmidt a former standout high-school and collegiate golfer who gave up his dreams of playing on the PGA tour after a heart attack at the age of 23, as well as for financial reasons, is going to give golf a second chance according to a lengthy blog post on

The now 30 year-old Schmidt, who broke a number of Tiger Wood’s amateur records, summed up his love for golf in the following paragraph in the blog post:

“I have spent most of this year post black Friday figuring out what I want out of life. I was also able to spend a great deal of time reflecting upon poker and what it means to me. The whole process revealed a lot about myself and I was able to learn a lot. I came to the realization that I love golf infinitely more than I love playing poker. With that, I have decided to return to golf and use all of what poker has taught me to try and become the best I can be (whatever that is) at the game of golf.”

Dusty is now hoping that the skills he developed to become one of the top online poker players will help him on the golf course, as he explains his main problem in his youth was inconsistency (remarkable considering Schmidt is considered one of the most consistent online poker players in the world, having never posted a losing month!) and the lack of money to receive the best training and instruction.

The always pragmatic Schmidt went on to say in his blog entry, “At this point in my life, I am 30 years old and the chances of having a career on the PGA tour are fading fast, but it isn’t over yet. My chances are infinitesimally small of making the big time, but I have overcome far longer odds before in my life. I won’t let that intimidate me.”

But don’t be surprised if you hear the name Dusty Schmidt on the leader-board of a Sunday Golf tournament in the coming years. Having talked with Dusty on a number of occasions the one thing I’ve learned about him is that he takes everything he does very seriously and puts his entire heart and soul into it.

Schmidt, who recently signed with BlueFire Poker as a poker coach will still be participating in online poker games, laying out a 20-25k hands per month goal as well as producing videos for BlueFire Poker.

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