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Earlier in December, we reported on a rumor regarding the reopening of  The site had claimed publicly that a tweet about the room’s reopening by a SEO manager was merely misunderstanding.  However our sources within bwin poker revealed that the former online poker room was being consideredRead Full Article

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Often I have friends and even other poker players ask for tips to stay on the cheap at casinos and in casino towns without having to rack up a huge amount of hours at the blackjack table or being forced to put in numerous hours at the cashRead Full Article

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Jimmy Somemerfeld, founder of Poker Tournament Consultants and storied tournament director, has announced his retirement after turning in a letter of resignation to Caesar’s Entertainment. Sommerfeld broke the story himself on TwoPlusTwo forums and explained the reason for the decision.  He said: I started in the poker businessRead Full Article

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Every poker player has a set of goals and various dreams for their poker career.  Many are related to fame and glory and others to money.  However, for many of us playing poker is more about the experience and the memories gained during the process.  With that said,Read Full Article

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The Federal Wire Act of 1961 has been used for years by the United States Department of Justice as a tool in their fight against online poker.  For year, it has been interpreted to mean that online gambling and poker is illegal.  That changed earlier Friday when theRead Full Article

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Brent Buckley accepted a plea bargain and pleaded guilty on Tuesday to Black Friday related charges.  As such, he became the first person to be convicted in connection with Black Friday.  While this may look like a minor conviction to some, it could mean more than many realize. Read Full Article

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Recently there have been new live poker leagues announced, including the Native American Poker League.  While these leagues will be well received by the influx of new live poker players, perhaps it is time to make a few original poker leagues to give poker fans alternative options.  BelowRead Full Article

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Last week, reported on a rumor that was going to reopen their online poker site.  The article quoted a tweet from one of bwin’s SEO managers, but later that same person recanted his tweet.  In the last couple of days, I have spoken with two sourcesRead Full Article

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Starting Monday night, Kathy Liebert and BJ Nemeth are starting a $200 prop bet that requires the two not to tweet for an undetermined amount of time.  The bet arose after a week of Liebert regularly tweeting about football online.  Nemeth is known for overuse of twitter duringRead Full Article

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Jared Hubbard recently won the Fall Poker Classic Main Event at the Canterbury Club in Shakopee, MN.  He has been an online grinder since and is a specialist in NL Hold’em six-max. In addition, he has been #1 in the world in overall profit for six-max SnG’s inRead Full Article