A day later Full Tilt Poker rumors continue to swirl

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PokerStars versus Full TiltMonday came and went with no inkling of the rumored, expected, announcement regarding the PokerStars purchase of Full Tilt Poker, but even with the poker community once again left disappointed, a day later the rumors have not died down in the least. Not only are we now dealing with the potential sale announcement, but a joker has been added to the deck, as one outlet is reporting that Nelson Burtnick (one of the 11 individuals indicted on Black Friday) is flying into the US to turn himself in a la Ray Bitar.

Wendeen Eolis most likely knew she would bed crucified if the announcement didn’t take place on Monday, but she has decided to maintain her stance that her information is accurate, writing her second follow-up piece explaining the latest updates she has received:

“While, my source was unequivocal in referencing a signed deal between the parties, the Deep Throat connection noted that the deal had yet to receive a final blessing – a signed order by the judge, approving the settlement.”

In addition to the sale rumors, another rumor hit the Twittersphere this morning as iGaming Post stated that Full Tilt Poker payment processor chief Nelson Burtnick is on his way to a New Jersey airport to turn himself in:

“…Nelson Burtnick, the Head of Payment Processing at Full Tilt Poker has boarded a plane to the US, where he will certainly be met by US Feds with an arrest warrant for him. We had previously had information that he had indeed taken flight to the US, we can now confirm that he is arriving at Newark.”

Regardless of whether you are pessimistic that a deal will happen or optimisitic that you may in fact see your Full Tilt Poker funds again, the events over the past few weeks definitely point to some type of resolution on the horizon, considering the surrender of Ray Bitar, the rumored surrender of Nelson Burtnick, as well as last Friday’s rumors about a major step forward having occurred in the sale talks between Full Tilt Poker, PokerStars, and the US Department of Justice.

As I have pointed out previously on this topic, the race to be first on breaking this story may be causing people to jump the gun and jump to conclusions that are simply not there yet. Perhaps ESPN’s Gary Wise summed it up best when he tweeted about the poker sites/ poker bloggers that have been rushing to break the story: “They “want to be liked” in the same way pro athletes “want to be respected”…by increased dollar totals. 1st = hits = $…”

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