Pr1nnyraid addresses multi-accounting accusations

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Chalk up yet another online poker pro to the multi-accounting list. Jay “pr1nnyraid”Rosenkrantz took to the 2+2 poker forums to address allegations by forum member ‘CrazyMan1122’ that Rosenkrantz –a top online poker player, star of the 2 Months 2 Million reality show, co-founder of, and co-creator of The Micros—was among the many poker pros who multi-accounted in the mid-2000’s while playing Real Money Poker.

Rosenkrantz admitted to a certain level of multi-accounting –which in the mid 2000’s was rampant, so it’s unsurprising when players from this time period are accused whether rightly or wrongly—and gave a fairly detailed explanation:

“Yes, ‘WastedPotential’ was my old roommate and yes we played on his account (for a very brief period of time, maybe only a few sessions),” said Rosenkrantz, who plays on Full Tilt Poker as “Pr1nnyraid.” “It was a few years ago, I regret doing it, and I stopped doing after it was clearly decided in the community to not be OK. Things were different a few years ago, the game has changed very quickly, it was in a ways like the Wild West.”

While I detest the “Wild West” comparisons, since in my view, sins of the past do not absolve sins of the present so whether it was commonplace or not in 2007 it was still unethical, I think Krantz handled this perfectly and will probably come through with his reputation intact –unlike other players like Brian Townsend, Sorel Mizzi and others who have been more defensive and less open about their past transgressions.

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