Team Full Tilt Poker’s Lindgren called out over debts

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The fallout from Black Friday has been very wide-reaching, and it appears the latest poker player who has been caught up in the Black Friday undertow is Team Full Tilt Poker pro Erick Lindgren. Lindgren’s troubles began when Groupe Bernard Tapie called out the poker superstar (along with over a dozen others) claiming he owes money to Full Tilt. Since then Lindgren’s debts have spawned their own thread on 2+2, with many credible sources relating their own E-Dog gambling tales to the poker community.

Suffice it to say, things are not looking good for Lindgren. Among the many detractors was Haralabos “Bob” Voulgaris, who went into great detail about his attempts to get Lindgren to pay a sizable debt owed to the noted Sports-Bettor. Voulgaris claims the debt payment has been going on for over six years, and is still about 20% unpaid at this point. Voulgaris also pointed out that the payments he received came from harassing calls and texts as well as stalking some of Lindgren’s “Horses” at major poker tournaments when they hit a good payday.

Here is a look at some of Haralabos’s comments in his post (he posts under the name ColtraneDog on 2+2):

“I have never met anyone who was as big a prick about paying off his debts as Erick. I have went bad in the past, have sold property, borrowed from family and friends and basically done whatever I could to make sure that my gambling debts were paid off in time… But I have never met a guy who was guaranteed as much money as Edog was from his FT investment, who spent money as lavishly as he did, who was basically allergic to paying his debts.”

“Erick still owes me a big figure its still probably one of the bigger amounts he owes. But its not nearly as big as it was in 2005. To his credit he has paid off around 80% of it” [Haralabos then listed the following]: “To his detriment only about 10% of it came when he actually offered up the money. The other 70% came from;

* Flying around the world hanging around some of his horse’s final tables trying to scratch and claw to grab some money.

* Coaxing the guys at matchbook to send me some of the money he had requested as a w/d directly to me.

* Pestering, harassing him via email and text to get some payments sent my way.

* Finding out he had agreed to sell / loan 1% FTP in exchange for a big payment and then confronting him about it and having him send me an amount then.”

Even Lindgren’s longtime friend Daniel Negreanu made what could only be considered a half-hearted defense and admission of E-Dog’s bad habits. The entire thread (especially the posts by the well-known players) gives a fascinating insight into the world of high-stakes gamblers.

Here is a link to the Cliff’s Notes thread on 2+2, and here is the original thread which requires a lot of time and patience to get through.

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