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the fsg poker league

Pinnacle Entertainment, which happened to be one of the Epic Poker League’s largest creditors, put in the winning bids for both the heartland Poker Tour (at $4.2 million) as well as for the remaining assets of Federated Sports + Gaming including the Epic Poker League, the Global PokerRead Full Article

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As the 2012 World Series of poker approaches I thought it would be a good time to take a look at some of the questions poker players and the poker media will have going into the nearly two-month long summer poker series in Las Vegas. In the firstRead Full Article

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2012 is already shaping up to be a watershed year in online poker with potential online poker legalization in the US, and the fallout from Black Friday still affecting the entire industry. Fortunately poker players now have a place to turn for the latest news and information onRead Full Article

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The fallout from Black Friday has been very wide-reaching, and it appears the latest poker player who has been caught up in the Black Friday undertow is Team Full Tilt Poker pro Erick Lindgren. Lindgren’s troubles began when Groupe Bernard Tapie called out the poker superstar (along withRead Full Article

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Even as poker, and online poker in particular, has garnered a lot of mainstream media attention since Black Friday, for the first time (to my knowledge) a major network has decided to look at the fallout from the US shutdown of online poker sites and the subsequent problemsRead Full Article

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As more fallout continues to litter the battlefield in the wake of the Jose “Girah” Macedo scamming revelations, Macedo’s backer/agent, and chief defender, Haseeb “DogIsHead” Quereshi has been let go by Cardrunners. The move was announced after several details have come to light regarding his involvement with Macedo,Read Full Article

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After being very critical of the PPA’s reaction to Black Friday, as a lobbying group in general, and their efforts to pass online poker legislation, I have to admit that the Poker Players Alliance is finally starting to resemble a legitimate lobbying group in my eyes. Prior toRead Full Article

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The 2011 World Series of Poker is just 2 weeks away.  The number of players at this year’s WSOP is going to be impacted in part by the online poker situation in the United States.  The fallout from poker’s Black Friday is going to force many players toRead Full Article

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Two weeks after the online poker world was rocked by the seizure of PokerStars’, Full Tilt Pokers’, and Absolute/UB Pokers’ domain names, as well as the indictments of several founders and owners of these sites the online poker industry is starting to get a glimpse of just howRead Full Article

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As the fallout from Friday’s news that the DOJ and FBI had shutdown and seized the domain names of the four largest online poker rooms in the United States continued to roll throughout the night, both Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars both made the decision to leave theRead Full Article